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Terp Entrepreneur Network (TEN)

TEN is a platform for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to network, share expertise and enjoy exclusive experiences with like-minded Terps.

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The Terp Entrepreneur Network (TEN) is a University of Maryland Alumni Association industry-focused group with a broad mandate to foster a vibrant Terp alumni entrepreneurship ecosystem. Bringing together UMD’s significant investments in innovation and our talented network of alumni, TEN generates tremendous value for the Terp community. TEN serves as a dedicated platform to connect Terp alumni with the resources, tools, and connections needed in meaningful ways to advance their entrepreneurial goals.

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Two TEN members.
Two TEN members talking.
Three TEN members
Three TEN members networking.
TEN Event showcase
EnTERPreneur discussing his venture with fellow TEN members.

Use Terp Entrepreneur Network (TEN) to…

  • Find entrepreneurship events

    The TEN hosts a variety of programs ranging from skills-based webinars, professional networking events, an online mentoring platform as well as an annual conference bringing Terp Entrepreneurs together from all over the US. These events can be found on the UMAA Calendar, as well as the TEN website. Information about upcoming entrepreneurship events are also included in the TEN newsletter. Receive the monthly newsletter, by clicking on subscribe.

  • Learn about entrepreneurship

    Learn from Terp alumni entrepreneurs through channels such as the 10 for TEN, a monthly blog post featuring interviews with enTERPreneurs sharing their insights and advice for how to create a successful venture. Additionally, join the TEN at an upcoming events to hear from speakers and participate in workshops that will help you build the skills and network you need. Finally, connect one-on-one with alumni entrepreneurs through the Terrapins Connect online community. Message Terps who share your interests and can help give you advice to help you achieve your goals.

  • Mentor entrepreneurs

    TEN helps alumni identify and connect with other Terp entrepreneurs through the Terrapins Connect platform, the online mentoring program exclusive to UMD alumni and students. This platform allows alumni and students to find one another based on common interests, geographic markets, and complementary needs. Creating your profile takes only a few moments and can be connected to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Recruit interns & hire future grads

    TEN encourages Terps to do business with and hire fellow Terps. To facilitate this, TEN encourages alumni to post job and internship openings on the TEN LinkedIn page. Additionally, TEN encourages alumni to post opportunities for students and recent grads using the Careers4Terps website. Finally, alumni can identify talented students through Terrapins Connect, the online mentoring platform and community exclusive to Terps.