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The future of higher education is one in which great institutions will thrive by building deeper and more strategic partnerships. These partnerships will enable institutions like the University of Maryland to positively impact people around the globe. This is an imperative of a world-class research institution that must not only discover new knowledge and educate the next generation of scholars, innovators, and entrepreneurs, but also to share and scale those discoveries and breakthroughs.

Along with building and sustaining mutually-beneficial partnerships, the University of Maryland and its affiliated stakeholders require greater investments from those who benefit from it to nurture, prepare, and launch new ideas, technologies, and ventures.

Ways to Partner with and Invest in UMD's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


  • Recruit our students
  • Engage in Consulting Projects with Students
  • Engage in Research Projects with Faculty
  • License Technology
  • Relocate or Open an Office in Greater College Park 


  • Join the Dingman Center Angels
  • Mentor student entrepreneurs and faculty innovators
  • Provide matching funds to ventures backed by the Maryland Momentum Fund


  • Establish a comprehensive strategic Partnership with UMD
  • Recruit UMD Students for internships and jobs
  • Engage in Consulting Projects with Students
  • Collaborate in Sponsored Research Projects with Faculty and Researchers
  • License Technologies and Explore other Technology Transfer Opportunities
  • Hire Faculty Consultants
  • Rent Lab Space or other Facilities
  • Co-develop professional education pathways for your employees
  • Sponsor entrepreneurship and innovation programs and events
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  • Invest in startups and ventures founded by UMD alumni, faculty, and students
  • Provide strategic philanthropic support
  • Relocate or Open an Office on campus or in Greater College Park