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University of Maryland Innovation Gateway

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UMD's EnTERPreneurship & Innovation Community

UMD is home to a vibrant, growing, and inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (click here to get to know some of our Campus Partners).

The Innovation Gateway is an online portal for identifying, learning about, and engaging the scores of resources, programs, and activities you may need during your EnTERPreneurial journey.

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The Innovation Gateway is curated by the Office of Innovation (click here to learn more about the Office of Innovation).

What are we Innovating at UMD?

Areas of Impact

  • Arts for All

    Arts for All

    Art + Technology + Social Justice

    The new Arts for All initiative partners the arts with the sciences, technology and other disciplines to develop new and reimagined curricular and experiential offerings that nurture different ways of thinking to spark dialogue, understanding, problem solving and action. It bolsters a campus-wide culture of creativity and innovation, making Maryland a national leader in leveraging the combined power of the arts, technology and social justice to collaboratively address grand challenges. Read more about how UMD is harnessing the power of the arts to spark civic dialogue, increase community engagement and activate social change.

  • New Technology

    New Technology

    Mapping the Quantum Frontier

    UMD Expands Its Footprint as the ‘Capital of Quantum’ With the Latest Lab and Institute to Advance Mind-bending Computing

    As various quantum technologies take off, a new class of computers enabled by the latest advances in physics is expected to revolutionize every aspect of life, just as today’s devices led to the internet, mobile technology and advanced manufacturing. Read about the future of quantum at UMD, and read this article and more in the inaugural EnTERPrise magazine.

  • Agriculture & the Environment

    Agriculture & the Environment

    UMD Researchers Convert Methane Without Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Pioneering Discovery Would Cut Energy Waste, Create Valuable Industrial Chemicals

    Scientists at the University of Maryland have created a way to convert one of the primary greenhouse gases—methane—into a range of valuable commodity chemicals while releasing no climate-changing emissions in the process. The achievement, detailed in the journal Advanced Energy Materials, is a major opportunity for the chemical and natural gas industries and a step forward in the fight to protect Earth’s climate. Read more here.

  • Public Health

    Public Health

    Growing Justice From Grassroots Science

    How a Public Health Researcher Is Empowering Marginalized Communities to Fight for Cleaner, Safer Conditions

    Associate Professor Sacoby Wilson with the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health and Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, is at the forefront of investigating how the places where people live can determine their health. Read more about his efforts.

  • Social Impact
    FRN Meals Donated

    Social Impact

    10 Years Ago Terps Launched the Food Recovery Network and Grew It Into a Nationwide Hunger- and Waste-Fighting Force

    Up to 40% of all food in the U.S. goes to waste, according to the Food and Drug Administration, about one pound per person per day, and exceeding 81.4 billion pounds in 2017. A decade ago this fall, a small group of Terps took notice—and took action by founding the Food Recovery Network (FRN), which has spread to 172 campuses in 46 states and D.C., with almost 5 million pounds of food diverted from dumpsters and more than 4 million meals donated. As the nationwide nonprofit—arguably UMD’s greatest Do Good success—celebrates its 10th anniversary, the co-founders, supporters and partners who made it possible tell its story. Read the whole story in Fall 2021 TERP Magazine.

Hear from Terp Founders


The University of Maryland Alumni Association is capturing the journeys of EnTERPreneurs through a series of TENxUMD Talks. Hear from alumni founders as they share why they launched their ventures, the challenges they experienced and what advice they have for current founders and aspiring EnTERPreneurs.

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