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UMD American Marketing Association RedBlack Consulting

UMD American Marketing Association’s (AMA) RedBlack Consulting is a student-operated consulting agency which connects creative and passionate marketing students with local companies/nonprofits/organizations in the Greater College Park area.

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UMD AMA’s RedBlack Consulting was established by students in the Robert H. Smith School of Business with the purpose of providing real-world marketing consulting experience to students while helping local organizations and companies. We strive to develop the intelligence, creativity, and drive of students within RedBlack Consulting by assigning teams of 4-5 students with semester-long projects ranging from content creation to strategy to market research and more.

Use UMD American Marketing Association RedBlack Consulting to…

  • Engage/sponsor consulting projects

    By facilitating a consulting project with RedBlack Consulting, organizations are able to engage with driven marketing students who are eager to learn and practice their consulting skills. Projects include branding, market research, content creation, social media marketing, and more.

  • Get business advice for my venture

    Through engaging with RedBlack Consulting, a team of 4-5 students will work throughout the semester to provide advice and ideas for marketing their assigned organization. They also can take it one step further and implement the advice given in order to drive real results.

  • Recruit interns & hire future grads

    By engaging with the UMD AMA RedBlack Chapter, student teams will be able to demonstrate their marketing expertise and business acumen through engaging semester-long projects. Students can continue working on projects after the project term by being offered internships or employment opportunities.