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Peer Innovation Coach Program

Peer Innovation Coaches are undergraduate students who learn how to apply and experiment with innovation tools and mindsets - for themselves and with others - to create change in meaningful ways.

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Peer Innovation Coaches (PICs) learn innovation mindsets, tools, and processes, like design thinking and lean startup, to actively catalyze and cultivate creativity among themselves and learners of all types.

PICs come from all programs and majors on campus, and experiment with design thinking as a creative problem solving tool, coaching as an effective change-making strategy, and fostering curiosity as an untapped resource, all through learning-by-doing.

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Peer Innovation Coaches
Peer Innovation Coaches synthesizing data from empathy interviews
PIC on a wire
Peer Innovation Coaches quickly testing an idea through low-resolution prototyping

Use Peer Innovation Coach Program to…

  • Find an entrepreneurship program

    The Peer Innovation Coach program is an immersive innovation program that actively explores the tools and mindsets of innovators and entrepreneurs. Students in this program are directly connected to the Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and UMD's greater innovation and entrepreneurship network. 

  • Learn about entrepreneurship

    Peer Innovation Coaches learn about innovation and entrepreneurship through learning by doing. The PIC program starts with a 2-credit course designed to teach design tools and methods, and develop a skill set in coaching. Students may choose to deepen their experience by continuing as a Peer Innovation Coach through advanced course offerings through the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship such as IDEA369: Advanced Peer Innovation Coaching, IDEA468: Design Thinking Studio, and more.