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Maryland International Incubator (MI2)

The Maryland International Incubator (MI2) is aimed at connecting the state of Maryland with the international business community. MI2’s mission is to serve the technology and innovation needs of international companies entering the U.S. market through a suite of valuable resources. It is the University of Maryalnd's only international incubator.

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MI2 hosts French officials at UMD.

MI2 customizes its services to meet client needs. Service packages can be a combination of basic services (leased space or virtual membership) or they can include additional services as requested by clients. International or U.S. based business entities (corporations and startups), service agencies (e.g. consulting, financial services), investors, public agencies, non-profit organizations, research institutes (including universities), etc. are eligible for MI2 membership.

Through MI2, one can lease space in its office, develop collaborations with the University of Maryland, and attain a virtual membership.

Additional services offered by MI2 include preparation for entry into the U.S., education and advising sessions on operating in the U.S., support with visa matters,  arranging delegation programs, and facilitating connections with potential investors.

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MI2 promoting TechPort by bringing visitors from Belgium.
Office space within MI2.
MI2 office space.

Use Maryland International Incubator (MI2) to…

  • Collaborate/sponsor research projects

    MI2 can facilitate research collaboration by arranging visits and meetings between international stakeholders (e.g. researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, officials, etc.) and local institutes. Furthermore, MI2 manages international delegation programs (e.g. the U.S. market entry, innovation and entrepreneurship, or industry-focused theme) that can facilitate research collaboration. 

  • Find a lab/office for my venture

    MI2 contains office space available for lease by foreign companies and can help get office/lab spaces in other institutes of Maryland.  

  • Find an entrepreneurship program

    MI2 manages international delegation programs (e.g. the U.S. market entry, innovation and entrepreneurship, or industry-focused theme). Such programs focus on entrepreneurship and are designed to bridge gaps between foreign needs and local capacity.

  • Partner with UMD more broadly

    MI2 promotes UMD institutes and departments by bringing together influential foreign visitors for the purpose of fostering greater collaboration. 

  • Recruit interns & hire future grads

    MI2 provides support in recruiting local talent, including student interns (business and technology majors), contract or part-time employees, and full-time employees.

Contact Information

8400 Baltimore Ave. Suite 302, College Park MD 20740